Press Release

Brussels, Belgium - 25 February 2015 - EBN - the Brussels-based innovation network - has today acquired the magazine title The Business Incubator from its founding publisher Incubation Worldwide Ltd.

Commenting on the acquisition, EBN CEO, Philippe Vanrie said, "We have been incubating the magazine for almost 3 years and we felt the time was right to bring the full resources of the EBN network behind the title. We will continue publishing international content covering all aspects of incubation, acceleration and other business support, showcasing the best practices, best people and best start-ups."

Magazine Managing Editor, Sangeetha Shinde, stated "EBN has supported the magazine from its first issue and we are delighted to move to this new phase of the relationship. Telling the world of the power and value of business support intermediaries is an important aspect of EBN's role that will be enhanced through increased commitment to the magazine."

The magazine is currently undergoing an editorial revamp and the next issue will be published in the early summer of 2015.

For more information, please visit EBN

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